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Planet BetterPlace

Gas powered vehicles are wonderful, for there are many gas stations and filling our tanks only takes a few minutes.  It does not matter if one lives in an apartment building and has to park on the streets or a house in the suburbs with a garage, filling up is a very easy and simple task.  You are certain to find a gas station nearby.

Can we claim the same convenience for a plug-in hybrid or a plug-in electric vehicle?

Currently, the answer is no.  But a fast growing company known as BetterPlace promises change as it aims to bring battery recharging and swapping stations to communities around the world.

Now, imagine being able to travel from state to state in an electric vehicle and not having to worry about when its battery will run out of charge.  With BetterPlace software installed in your car, you will be bale to locate near proximity battery servicing stations, where you can either recharge your battery or swap it in about six minutes for a fully charged one.  Assuming this ambitious goal comes to fruition, once these stations reach our cities, owing an electric vehicle will no longer seem only suitable for those who live in the suburbs.

Wired Magazine

Image Wired Magazine

So, Can BetterPlace really make the world a better place?

With partnerships and development efforts in Israel, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States, and already emerging as a leader in bringing standards to the EV market, BetterPlace will surely contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions on our planet.

That’s pretty cool Green technology.

Shall we say Planet BetterPlace anyone? :-)

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